Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ addresses questions about our reservation system. For our traditional FAQ about our general practices, policies, and procedures, click here.

Q: How do I use the Blaster Bouncer Reservation System?

A: Use our web-site to learn about everything we have to offer, then use this system to check availability and make reservations on-line.

Q: Can I make a reservation by phone instead?

A: Absolutely! Call us at 724-566-5090 if you prefer to reserve by phone. Our phones are staffed from 9:00am to 9:00pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Q: What if you're out of the item I want?

A: With enough lead time, we've been known to buy what you want, just for your event, especially if we need to add more tables, chairs, or concession equipment. We will sometimes buy a larger item that a customer wants as well. Since we're always buying new and interesting equipment, the item you want may already be on our list. Call us at 724-566-5090 and tell us what you want.

Q: I picked a date, but now I want to browse by item instead. How do I get rid of this date?

A: Click on the cart link near the top of the page. Make sure your cart is empty, then click the "Clear Order" button near the bottom of the page. It'll start over from scratch.

Q: How do I get back to the main Blaster Bouncer site?

A: It should still be open, just check if it opened up another tab or window. If you can't find it, click here!

Q: How do I get coupon codes or discounts?

A: Our main web-site sometimes lists discount codes for add-ons. Our monthly e-mail newsletter also has coupon codes, though you have to subscribe to get it. For Schools, Churches, Charities and Non-Profits, we offer discounts, though you'll need to call to get them at 724-566-5090.

Q: Is delivery free?

A: For cities within 30 miles of the center of Pittsburgh, delivery is free. For cities more than 30 miles, a delivery fee may apply. See our main web-site for more details. If you're not sure or think you are on the border, just go through checkout. Before the process is complete, it will display a delivery fee if one is required.

Q: I rented an inflatable for 1 day, but the concession machine says I can have it for up to 2 days. Does that mean I can keep the machine for longer?

A: Only if the concession machine order meets our minimum delivery requirement by itself ($150). Otherwise all the rented items must be delivered and picked up at the same time. That would be the 1 day period for the inflatable. If you'd like to keep the inflatable longer, you can choose a 2 day rental to match the concession machine.

Still have a question? Call or Write: (724) 566-5090

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