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Do you rent in the Winter?

Definitely!  As you are well aware, Pittsburgh winters can be pleasantly mild.  Even with residual snow, afternoons are often sunny and warm enough for an outdoor party.  Because we do not require deposits, and we have a fantastic, flexible weather policy, go ahead and book that party!  If the weather is bad, you can cancel the reservation with NO CHARGE!  If the weather is nice, we'll bring equipment to compliment your party and keep your guests entertained!


We also have many units that will fit in large rooms and we have indoor units.  Check the height of an item on the product page to see if it will fit in your indoor space.  The remaining inflatables are between 14’ and 18’ tall, making them more appropriate for gymnasiums, arenas, or other indoor venues with high ceilings.  If you know the available height, check the product page of the item you want or call us to make a recommendation.