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Carnival Prize Wheel

Prize Wheel Carnival Game Rental Pittsburgh

Spin this large colorful wheel and test your luck with the Carnival Prize Wheel. A traditional clacker adorns the top for that authentic carnival sound, and the colorful wheel can be modified with a dry erase marker.



 Rental Price:     $50.00

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Classic 30" prize wheel suitable for all ages, sits on an adjustable stand, classic clacker at the top, 18 possible results, assign results by color or use a dry erase marker to define each wheel segment.


Additional Guidelines:




     All Ages


     Prize wheel, stand.

Standard Carnival Rules:

     Spin the wheel.  Where it stops, nobody knows.  Define colors as you see fit, or use a dry erase marker to label the colors.

Alternate Rules:


Setup Area (LxWxH):

     3' x 2' x 6'

Capacity Limit:

     1 Participant

Participant Weight Limit:


Total Weight Limit:


Wind Speed Limit:

     15 mph

Power Requirements:


Other Special Restrictions:


Special Setup Conditions:



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