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Interactive Games

Human Foosball

Human Foosball Arena Interactive Game Rental Pittsburgh

Just like the classic table game, but super sized and people become the players in Human Foosball. This is a 10 player game.  Two teams work together to score goals with all the same rules as regular table top Foosball.  Each player's movement is restricted by the rope, forcing you to play effectively as a team to score! Human Foosball is HUGE at 55' x 35' and 8' tall, so be sure to measure for space before your rental.


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The Equalizer

The Equalizer Interactive Game Rental Pittsburgh

Challenge your buddies to tug-of-war basketball with The Equalizer!  Tether yourself to your opponent with the bungee line, run in opposite directions, and see who can make a basket first.  This competitive unit is 35’ x 13’ and 10' tall, so be read the Restrictions and Conditions and measure for space!


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